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What can Nexus do for you?

Nexus allows buyers and sellers to safely collateralize their trades with one another forever removing the fear of scams.

Nexus has developed a Dapp that utilizes a one of a kind smart contract on the Algorand blockchain.

The digital goods that can be exchanged are endless from in-game currency & services, to NFT's and P2P crypto swaps.

The exchange of physical goods can be literally any item that can be exchanged.


The Nexus Marketplace features wallet-connect capabilities and user profile settings along with a ratings / reviews section to view the validity of individual traders.

Users will also be able to see transaction history of the trader via blockchain explorer and NFDomain integration.

Basic search function and price comparisons will be integrated as well to give the feel of the online marketplaces users have grown accustomed to.

Unique to the Nexus Marketplace will be an integrated chat system that will allow users to communicate about their exchange. Discussing prices, collateral, and inquire about specific services offered by the seller. 


The marketplace is currently under development and is expected by Q4 2022. 

What you need to use Nexus:

pera wallet small.jpg
my algo.png


Pera Wallet


MyAlgo Wallet


tinyman small.jpg

Tinyman Exchange

Purchase ASA's

circle nexus.png

Nexus Dapp

Secure your Trades

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