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Nexus ($GP)

ASA 403499324

Nexus ASA brings a revolutionary concept to the Algorand blockchain: Decentralized exchange of any tradable item.

Nexus decided to work on the Algorand platform because of its transparency; fast transaction times and inexpensive fee structure.

Nexus solves the problem of online scams and in-person marketplace exchanges.

Both parties pledge their own money (collateral) before the transaction or meet-up occurs.


Our token serves as a utility token with the Nexus Dapp to reduce the collateral fee from 2% down to 1%.

Our DApp


Our decentralized app (DAPP) acts as a virtual middleman between two parties removing the need to trust the other party to perform on their contractual obligations.

Since both parties submit collateral to the smart contract securing their intent, both parties' collateral will be forfeited if either party refuses to perform.


While radical, we believe this "mutually assured" loss of collateral will act as an incentive to ensure trades are executed in good faith by both parties.

Our Token

Our token was originally distributed through airdrops.

There was no assumption of liquidity added to DEX's and there are no time vesting schedules.

We provide all our liquidity on Tinyman under ASA 552661496.

Liquidity rewards have been discontinued on Algostake as of September 2022.

Table Tokenomics.png

As of September 2022 Nexus ASA does not have plans to release anymore tokens.

Creator Wallet & Supply

Leather Wallets

The maximum supply of Nexus (GP) is 10,000,000,000 (ten billion).




The original funding for this project comes from the creators: 

Jacob Woodrow and Josh Woodrow.

This creator wallet has been published here so that anyone has the

opportunity to verify and track transactions.

Tokens in our DApp

We chose to only allow 4 tokens

in our app for stability and ease of use.

USDC is pegged at $1 USD

STBL is Algorand's algorithmic stable coin

ALGO is the base token for our entire ecosystem

GP was created for use in our app.

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